Bicycles in Thailand

In Thailand’s history, there is no solid evidence of when does the bicycles has been imported into the country. But during the reign of King Rama V (1868-1910), some bicycles began to be seen around Bangkok. During that, the royal family member has ordered a few hundreds of them. Since the price of the bicycle at that time was quite expensive, only high-ranking bureaucrat and royal family members could afford a bicycle.

After sometimes that the King take in bicycles, the number of bicycles in Thailand had grown exponentially. Many merchants began to import and sell large numbers of bicycles and since then the number of bicycle usage has expanded outward from Bangkok to the country side. Bicycles then became a daily means of travel for people in Thailand from all income levels.   

During World War II, the number of bicycle users in Thailand has fallen. The main reason of the decrease was caused by the introduction of cars in Thailand. While the number of bicycles in Bangkok was greatly reduced, cars remained unaffordable for most people from the countryside which led to the number of bicycle users in these areas remained almost the same for sometime.


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