An Endo is a trick that involves the rider lifting the rear wheel into the air while the front wheel stays grounded. It is similar to another trick called the stoppie, and is sometimes called a front wheelie. One is performed by harshly engaging the front brake and leaning forward. The rider then tries to balance by shifting his weight and keeping the rear wheel as high as possible. If the rider does not have a front brake, he then just jams his foot in between the tire and front fork while pushing forward.Endos can also be accomplished without front brakes with the aid of a curb.

"Endo" can also refer to a typically violent crash caused by improperly landing with the front wheel first after a jump, applying the front brakes too hard, or hitting an obstacle such as a deep pothole or curb. A moving bike has the tendency to throw the rider over the handlebars and flip end over end (hence the name).
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